About Cater 2 Kids OT

Cater 2 Kids OT is conveniently located on Main Street (Rte 131) in Sturbridge, MA. Our facility provides children with ample space for exploration and is able to suit each individual child’s needs. Cater 2 Kids offers calmer/quieter and less stimulating spaces as well as a large gym for learning about self-regulation, gross motor activity, social interaction, small group activities, moving, and playing. The rooms/spaces at Cater 2 Kids OT consist of:

  • Gym area
    • swings
    • trampolines
    • scooterboard ramp
    • safety mats
    • crash mats
    • pillows
    • sensory table
    • toys
    • games
  • Waiting room
  • Quieter handwriting space
  • Kitchen
    • cooking projects
    • life skills tasks
    • arts and crafts

We welcome and encourage visits to the clinic. Call us at (774) 304-1200 to schedule a tour!